How it Works

Common feedback we get has been extremely positive due to the fact that our cherries in the hands of our customers just 24-48 hours after being picked off the tree . . . FRESH.

We currently deliver to five locations in Washington: Manson, Lake Chelan, Fircrest, Puyallup, Bellingham. Additional cities could potentially be added to our routes depending on interest and volume of pre-sold fruit.

Supplies are limited. Pre-sales will guarantee your order so do not wait!

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First, make sure you sign-up to be on our email list to stay informed on the status of the upcoming crop.

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Second, pre-order your natural cherries by going to our Orders page. Cherries can be stored for weeks if done properly, so get enough to last you, your family, and guests. Orders will be in 5 lb. increments and are on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.


Finally as harvest nears, an email will be sent to your inbox indicating the details on picking up your order from the city you identified at the time of purchase. Included in that email, there will be a date, time, and location for pick up.

PLEASE NOTE: It is vital that you arrive within the window of time assigned to your city. We unfortunately cannot wait past the scheduled time due to needing to stick to the schedule of visits to other cities. If you miss your window of time, you will sadly miss out on the product. No refunds will be given for no shows. We are making the trip based on the fact that they are pre-sold. If you will not make it, please send a representative to pick up your order for you by referencing your name and confirmation number.



Order and pre-purchase your cherries today.

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