About Petersen's Pick

Our family has been growing premium apples, pears, and cherries since the early 1960’s.

We have always taken great pride in the day-to-day operations of orcharding and growing world class fruit that is shipped all over the world. From taking quality care of our fruit to being good stewards of the environment, it is “The Petersen’s Way”.

Above all that, it is about the lifestyle that farming provides: being outdoors and appreciating nature, overcoming the challenges with operating an orchard, constantly striving to grow the best fruit, and the reward of working hard.

The industry has changed dramatically over the decades, which has led us to choose to sell direct to customers. We consider it a great joy connecting with people and offering the best to our friends and community.

picking cherries

Meet the Team

Wai Tim & Kari Petersen, Owners



Our orchard typically is harvested near the end of June, however, Mother Nature seems to be pushing that out a bit.

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